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Girl Puts a Fart Into a Letter to Her Uncle

Hysterical 9-Year-Old Puts "Special" Gift For Her Uncle in a Letter

Since my niece could write her name, we have been mailing each other letters. We have both been pretty busy and haven't sent or received in a while, but just got this today and this kid cracks me up!
by u/InfoSecPeezy in funny

Letter writing is unfortunately a dying art, but for Abigail and her uncle, letters are one of the best ways they communicate. The 9-year-old and her uncle, who she hilariously refers to as "Nemesis," have been exchanging letters since she could write her own name, but Uncle Nemesis decided that the last letter he received from her is the one worthy of internet fame.

"Dear Uncle Nemesis," Abigail starts her letter. "Hi there, how are you doing? I am fabulous. I have earned ten dollars and I am going to spend it all on candy that I will stash in my room. Not much has happened but I will keep you posted. I regret to inform you that the last time I saw you I could not deliver my booger, so I will put it on the bottom of the page."

Under her hilarious copy, Abigail actually wrote out the word "booger" with an arrow pointing to a fake booger drawn in yellow highlighter. Rather than stop after her subsequent signature, Abigail continues, informing her uncle that she has included a gift inside the letter's envelope. "P.S.," she wrote. "I farted in the envelope."

What a lucky uncle! Hopefully his response letter, which he said in the comments of his Reddit post will include a "hard-boiled potato with an invoice," will also be posted online for our enjoyment.

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