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Girl Realizes Her Twin Is 1 Minute Older Video

Adorable Little Girl Has a Total Meltdown When Finding Out Her Twin Sister Is 1 Minute Older

When Ami McClure sat down her adorable 3-year-old daughters to talk to them about what it meant to be identical twins, she had no idea that one little detail was going to cause some tears. In the absolutely adorable video, Alexis and Ava understand that they look alike and are elated that they have the same birthday, but around the 1:15 mark, things start to get confusing for the girls. Alexis cannot handle the fact that her sister was born just one minute before she was, and not even Ava's hugs and reassuring statements can stop those tears from coming! In an effort to stop the crying, Ava has the sweetest things to say to her "younger" sister, and it's going to melt your heart.

But the video wouldn't be complete with just one meltdown. When Ava realizes her sister is growing a little bit faster than she is, the tables immediately turn and more tears start flowing. Watch the video above to see the cuter-than-words interactions between the twins.

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