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Girlie Glue For Babies

Is "Girlie Glue" the Most Infuriating or Brilliant Product For Babies?

Where there's a need, entrepreneurs will find a solution but there's one "helpful" baby product that is being met with mixed reviews. Girlie Glue is intended to help keep bows on baby girls's heads, and was created for parents who are afraid of strangers mixing up their child's gender or tired of dealing with babies constantly tossing the ribbon from their heads.

"Girlie Glue is an all-natural accessory glue, created to stick bows onto babies' heads. No clips, bands or even hair necessary," the company's website states. "Simply apply a dab of Girlie Glue to the back of an accessory, press accessory onto the hair or skin, and your little girl will be accessorized all day long."

Although the product is made from agave nectar and "can easily be washed off at the end of the day with a baby wipe or wet washcloth," many find the product's purpose of helping babies look more feminine to be outrageous.

The website states, "It's never too early to be girlie!" but many are expressing their dissenting views. "Gluing anything to your baby's head is obviously barbaric, but worsened by the fact that it's a product called Girlie Glue to stick gender stereotyped accessories to the baby girl's head," Simon Ragoonanan, a dad and blogger, told the Huffington Post UK. "Why are these parents so keen for the world to know that their baby is a girl that they're prepared to glue things to the baby's head?"

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