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Grandma Makes Spaghetti Bath For Grandson

The Incredible Thing 1 Grandma Did to Make Her 5-Year-Old Grandson Happy

One Grandma got super creative in order to put a smile on her 5-year-old grandson's face. Instead of treating him to a movie or buying him a toy, she cooked 15 pounds of spaghetti noodles in different colors. Then, the fun grandma filled her bathtub with the epic rainbow pasta and let her grandson "squish around" in it for an hour.

What kind of person cooks 15 lbs of spaghetti in various colors, then uses it to fill a bathtub so a 5-year old can squish around? A grandma. from pics

According to Reddit user confibulator, the name of the happy boy pictured in the photo is Dresden. Dresden reportedly could not stop giggling while he was swimming in the colorful spaghetti and even after he got out. Who could forget the blissful look on Dresden's adorable face? Pure joy. Mark this one as just another reason grandmas are awesome.

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