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Grandpa Gives Granddaughter Journals For Her Birthday

Someone Get This Grandpa an Award For the Best Gift You Can Give a Kid

Any child who has a grandparent in his or her life is incredibly lucky, and one adorable grandpa just reminded everyone of that.

On Lauren's 16th birthday, her grandpa gave her a priceless gift that captured their special bond. He presented her with three spiral notebooks and the story behind them has the internet collectively crying. Lauren posted pictures on Twitter and explained that her Papa journaled stories from whenever they spent time together.

Starting in 2003, Papa recorded memories of him and Lauren from when she was 2 years old until she was 5 years old and saved the notebooks for this special occasion. "I am speechless," she wrote on Twitter along with snapshots of the lengthy entries. Not much is known about Papa's identity, but his thoughtful gesture has us in a puddle of mush!

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