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Great-Grandfather Meeting His Newborn Great-Grandson

105-Year-Old's Reaction to Meeting His Great-Grandson Is Cuter Than You Can Imagine

Pop Is So Happy

"Easton, at 5 days old, meets his 105 year old great grandfather. This is one of the sweetest videos you will see. Pop is so happy." To support our mission, pre-order the Love What Matters book in time for Mother's Day: #LoveWhatMatters Submitted by Jason Zwolak

Posted by Love What Matters on Friday, April 7, 2017

At 105 years old, Pop isn't a stranger to babies. However, when this great-grandfather met the newest addition to his family and was offered a chance to hold his great-grandson for the first time, Pop hesitated.

In a heartwarming video of the exchange, Pop admitted that he was nervous to hold 5-day-old Easton. His family didn't take no for an answer though, so after some encouragement, Pop cradled Easton in his arms. You'll get just as emotional watching this precious man relish the newborn's smell and snuggling him as he did!

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