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Great-Grandma Knits Hats For Newborns

At 90 Years Old, This Great-Grandma Has Knit Over 2,000 Hats For Newborn Babies

When parents pack their hospital bags ahead of giving birth, they're sure to include an adorable onesie for when it's time to leave the hospital, but what about a hat? It's essential to keep a newborn's head warm immediately after birth, and that's where Barbara Lowe comes in. Barbara is a 90-year-old woman who has spent the last eight years knitting over 2,000 hats for newborn babies. She's a great-grandmother with a huge heart, and she's using her passion for knitting to give back to the community.

When a child is born at the Hillcrest Hospital in Ohio, they are gifted with one of Barbara's hats. "To this day I've made 2,072 hats," she told "I love doing this." Although Barbara has been knitting for most of her life, making hats, blankets, and so much more for her family and friends, it wasn't until 2008 that she decided to put her skills to philanthropic use. After one of Barbara's extended family members suggested she knit hats for newborns to wear home, she was eager to volunteer.

Barbara purchases the yarn and supplies with her own money, but it's not about the money for her, it's about giving back. Each hat takes about four hours to make and she practically does it with her eyes closed! "I feel like the babies' parents gave them their first gift, which is life," she said. "I feel like I'm giving them their second gift with these little hats."

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