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Hoberman Sphere Relaxation Ball For Kids

Every Parent Needs to See 1 Mom's Genius Hack For Preventing Her Kid's After-School Meltdowns

One mom is all too familiar with the typical after-school meltdown when you child pretty much falls apart once she walks in the door. But after countless tears, she now not only understands why her daughter sometimes loses it after coming home from school but has also come up with a genius way to prevent it.

"It takes a great deal of energy, mental motivation, emotional containment, and physical control to hold it together all day at school. So, when they get home, they sometimes just let it all out," the anonymous parent shared on Relax Kids Tamworth's Facebook page.

After a day when her daughter lost it because she asked how her day was, this mom discovered that her little girl just needed some time to relax and feel calm. She created the perfect space for her child by setting up a Hoberman Sphere, which is also known as a breathing ball, above her bed. This can help guide children with their deep belly breaths by encouraging them to take a deep breath through the nose as they expand the ball and then slowly breathe out as they relax their body while closing the ball. She explained:

It's a really great visual for the children to relate to. My daughter loves it so I set one up in her bedroom so she can lie down and take some deep breaths whenever she needs to. She took herself there tonight and lay on the bed breathing for ages. Her breathing was really fast at first and I could see her body was super tense. After a few deep breaths I really noticed her whole body (and brain) relax. Her voice got calmer and her legs relaxed.

Children can be introduced to breathing to help them relax at a very young age. They can use their breath to improve concentration, promote well-being, and decrease stress, anxiety, and anger," the mom explained. This is an easy way to empower children to manage their feelings and emotions. Children (and parents) will benefit from the added calmness. We did.

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