How To Go on a Family Vacation With Two Little Kids . . . And Actually Come Home Relaxed

24/05/2018 - 11:55 AM

As anyone who has traveled with a baby, toddler, or small child knows, a vacation with kids can feel like anything but [1]. When my daughter was born almost five years ago, her dad and I decided we wouldn't let our newest addition prevent us from being on the move, but a handful of trips spent in a severe state of sleep deprivation quickly calmed our wanderlust. Home was safe, stable, and scheduled, and once our second child came along two years ago, we relegated travel to two annual family beach vacations and the occasional parents' night or weekend away. The latter always went too fast, while the former were a mixed bag that mostly involved us fighting over whose turn it was to get up with the baby, jockeying for naps, and feeling as far from relaxed as possible.

But this year, we experienced a Christmas miracle: we went on a 10-day trip to Florida with our kids and extended family and actually came home feeling more rested, connected, and happier than when we left. Driving to the airport to fly home (with two napping kids in the backseat, miraculously exhausted from all the fun instead of a refusal to sleep in a foreign bed), we looked at each other in shock. Was it possible? Had we actually enjoyed our vacation? Here's how we cracked the code.

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