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How to Treat Mastitis

Breastfeeding Mom Shared What Happens When "a Good Boob Goes Bad"

Breastfeeding isn't always easy, this we know. But one mom of seven is sharing her struggles with mastitis and helping to demonstrate the need to keep moving forward, even when you feel awful and have an engorged "red boob."

"When a good boob goes bad - AGAIN!" Lindsey Bliss shared on Instagram. "I literally wanted Dan to bring me to the ER last night due to the most EPIC engorged boob, full body shakes, and a crushing headache. On the mend today from my bed. Why does this keep happening?"

According to Sarah Fox, Royal College of Midwives's professional policy adviser, Bliss is doing exactly what she should be: continuing to breastfeed.

"The most important thing to do is to not stop feeding," she told The Huffington Post. "Mastitis is when you have a small blockage of milk ducts that causes your breasts to be sore and can make you feel unwell. The best way to release the blockage is to keep feeding, even if it is sore. Women can also gently massage their breast to help get the milk moving down the ducts more freely."

Fox continues, explaining that if the pain and irritation doesn't go away despite continuing to feed, you should consult your doctor — especially if you've repeatedly suffered from instances of mastitis. "But what we don't want is for a woman to feel alone or feel less like she wants to carry on breastfeeding, so we always welcome any women to share their experiences or ask for support," she said. "The best thing for any woman suffering is to have their baby emptying that breast."

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