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JAY-Z Learns Parenting Lesson From Blue Ivy

JAY-Z Learned a Valuable Parenting Lesson After Accidentally Hurting Blue Ivy's Feelings

JAY-Z learned the importance of tone the hard way after his 6-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, told him he hurt her feelings one morning before school. The rapper explained exactly what happened on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, and his story is a good reminder that all parents who may lose their patience from time to time need to hear.

"I told her to get in the car the other day because she was asking a thousand questions, and we had to leave for school," he said. "So we're driving, and then I just hear a little voice [say], 'Dad?' And I turn around and she said, 'I didn't like when you told me to get in the car the way you told me.' She's 6! 'It hurt my feelings.' I said, 'That's the most beautiful thing you ever said to me!'"

We bet he'll probably think twice about his tone the next time they're caught up in the morning rush.

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