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James Van Der Beek Home Birth Photo 2018

James Van Der Beek Just Revealed the Beautiful Chaos Behind His Wife's Home Birth

James Van Der Beek and his wife, Kimberly, recently welcomed their fifth child, a baby girl named Gwendolyn, and while his initial announcement photos looked pristine and perfect, the 41-year-old actor drew back the curtain on the family's home birth experience a few days later. He shared a photo on Instagram with a warning in the caption to just "move on" if you're squeamish, because he served up some birth "realness."

The photo shows a shirtless James holding his new baby skin-to-skin while his son, Joshua, dressed as Spider-Man, stands in the background. James called out the chaos surrounding him in his caption, identifying the messy bed, the unused vomit bag, the birthing tub, a towel on the floor, a water bottle, and oh, Kimberly's placenta in a mixing bowl. Yep, that's about as real as it gets.

He followed up this photo by sharing a peaceful shot of Kimberly holding Gwendolyn, to make up for the one with the "placenta in a mixing bowl." All jokes aside, it's refreshing to see such a real look into a home birth. It may end up being chaotic and messy, but as James's photo proves, there's a beautiful result.

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