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Jon Hamm Used to Work at a Daycare — Now We're Paying A LOT More Attention to the People Watching Our Kids

Want a good reason to better acquaint yourself with your child's daycare teacher? (We mean, aside from the fact that it's nice to know the people watching over your kids every day.) Well, they could one day become a famous, Emmy-award winning actor, that's why. (But also, the caring for your kids bit . . .)

Yep, it turns out that before Jon Hamm went on to become Don Draper, the star began his career at Kids Depot, a daycare center in Columbia, MO, where he was going to college.

"I grew up with a single mom, and I was always in daycare, after-school programs, all that kind of stuff, and there were never any guys. It was a pretty much female-dominated profession," he told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show.

So, when he met the daycare's owner, he mentioned that, adding, "it might be nice for your kids to have a guy around."

He was hired and ended up working there — doing art projects, cooking meals, and entertaining preschoolers — for three years.

"I was essentially a human jungle gym because I'm a giant to a 5-year-old," he said. "Being around kids is so energizing."

So, if a part-time daycare worker in the middle of Missouri can find international fame, you better have your kids' teachers start signing autographs now!

Image Source: Getty / Presley Ann
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