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Kid's Reaction to Adult Meals Not Coming With Ice Cream

Kid's Hilarious Reaction to Realizing Adult Meals Don't Come With Ice Cream


An 8-year-old boy had the most dramatic reaction to realizing just how hard it is to be an adult — and we are living for it. In a post to Imgur, the unnamed boy can be seen with his head down on the table, a mostly eaten adult-size personal pizza sitting in ruins in front of him.

On the photo, his parent, Imgur user Cindy21, wrote: "My 8-year-old just realized that ordering an adult meal means he doesn't get the free ice cream that comes with the kids' meals. Welcome to the real world, kid."

Yes, kiddo, welcome. (But should we tell him now that a perk to being an adult means you can eat ice cream whenever you want? Too soon? OK.)

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