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Kids Discuss #BlackLivesMatter

You've Got to Hear the Inspiring Way These Kids Discuss #BlackLivesMatter

#BlackLivesMatter, a hashtag created in 2012 after 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed, has been used on social media for years to discuss today's climate of racial tension. For the first time, however, children — the boys and girls of #HatchKids — are weighing in on what the hashtag means to them, and today's civil rights issues.

I believe that everyone is a leader of the Civil Rights Movement today.

If people don't want to try and change, and they don't make an effort to be a better person, then I'm scared of what our future is going to be like. . . . Kids should be educated more about what's happening in the world . . . it's going to be so much harder to fix all the problems in the world if the next generation doesn't know about them.

These kids got real, and you've got to watch the video to see for yourself.


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