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Little Girl Covered in Glitter Viral Video

Girl Absolutely Covered in Sparkles is Proof That Glitter Is the Devil's Work

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Parenting with Jessica Mullan Pierce For licensing, please contact

Posted by Josh Pierce on Sunday, February 5, 2017

Glitter, though pretty when contained, is the stuff a parent's nightmares are made of. Waking up from the nightmare wasn't an option for Josh and Jessica Pierce, however, as their young daughter completely covered herself — and the bathroom — in blue sparkles to the point that she closely resembled something out of Avatar. Instead of getting mad, though, Josh calmly talks to Norah about what she's done — and for all of us viewing at home, the encounter is nothing but hysterical.

The video begins as Josh opens the doors to hell the bathroom, and Norah, who surely knows she's made a huge mistake, announces, "I've got beautiful glitter on!" As the little one tries to explain that she just wanted to put some glitter on her face ("Look, it looks beautiful!"), Josh and Jessica both try to address the situation, but Jessica is lost to giggles.

"You're too bedazzled. You're sneezing glitter," Josh says as Norah sneezes. "You look shiny like a fairy — everything's glittery, it's still falling through the air." Unfortunately for us, the video ends there as Josh sighs and presumably enters the scene of the crime to figure out how the heck he's going to get his child and bathroom glitter-free.

The hilarious video of Norah has already racked up over 11 million views, so it's likely we'll be seeing this viral little one on Ellen in the near future (probably with the same glitter on her face because it doesn't look like there's a hope in hell those sparkles are coming off anytime soon).

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