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Little Girl and Duck Best Friend

Why This Little Girl and Her Duck BFF Will Be Your Newest Obsession

MUST WATCH: A girl's friendship with a pet duck is turning heads in her hometown in Maine. When asked how 'Snowflake' got his name, 5-year-old Kylie Brown says "um, when he was like zero year's old I named him."

Posted by WRAL TV on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

From gerbils to dogs, 5-year-old Kylie Brown is no stranger to pet animals. But when her mom brought home a baby duck on a whim, Kylie's life immediately changed.

From playing at the beach to stomping through the snow, Snowflake the duck follows Kylie everywhere, and the two have become best friends. For Halloween, Kylie went as Elsa and Snowflake even tagged along dressed as Olaf the snowman. Kylie's mom, Ashley Brown, said that she's never seen an animal love someone back like Snowflake loves Kylie.

"We brought him home, this little yellow furball is squawking in a box, and Kylie walked over to the box and leaned in, and he was quiet," said Brown. They've been inseparable ever since. And if she went missing, he would squawk and panic."

Snowflake and Kylie's relationship is more than just a superficial friendship — the little girl cares for Snowflake like he's a child. Snowflake waits at the bus stop for Kylie to get home from school and she makes sure that he takes his afternoon nap. "They're best friends but in his eyes, she's mama, she's mama duck," said Brown.

While Brown originally just expected to bring home a farm animal that lived outside — not a life companion for her daughter — she's been able to watch Kylie grow as their relationship developed. "She's become very responsible, she takes very good care of him," said Brown. "He's definitely family."

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