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Little Girl's Random Bucket List

This 10-Year-Old's Bucket List Is So Darn Random, We Can't Help But Crack Up

Growing up, my personal bucket list included things like meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney World, eating Spongebob's infamous Krabby Patty, and seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert. But one 10-year-old in particular is making the internet collectively chuckle with her life goals, which are a little considerably different than most.

The young girl's brother, Josh, recently discovered her list of nine goals, and shared a photo of the looseleaf paper on Twitter. Take one quick glance at the list, and you'll immediately see why the tweet has garnered more than 15,000 likes.

We can't help but notice how darn random this girl's goals are. She has quite the interesting appetite, as she wants to nosh on a hammerhead shark, snake, and a bear. Oh, and can we just talk about her Taco Bell dedication? Not only does she want 10 of their tacos, but she also wants to win a contest for eating a ton of their tacos. Same, girl, same.

The 10-year-old also really wants to get a sign printed in a different language, but then she'll have it translated on an oddly specific date. We honestly can't blame her for goal No. 8, staying asleep for 24 hours; that actually sounds pretty pleasant.

The rest of the internet noted how hilarious this girl is, as many Twitter users responded to her bucket list with their candid reactions.

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