This 10-Year-Old's Bucket List Is So Darn Random, We Can't Help But Crack Up

29/05/2018 - 02:28 PM

Growing up, my personal bucket list included things like meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney World, eating Spongebob's infamous Krabby Patty, and seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert. But one 10-year-old in particular is making the internet collectively chuckle with her life goals, which are a little considerably different than most.

The young girl's brother, Josh, recently discovered her list of nine goals, and shared a photo of the looseleaf paper on Twitter. Take one quick glance at the list, and you'll immediately see why the tweet has garnered more than 15,000 likes.

i found my sister's bucket list? what the hell is she on pic.twitter.com/lDAldRtw17 [1]

β€” Josh (@Asbronaut) February 5, 2017 [2]

We can't help but notice how darn random this girl's goals are. She has quite the interesting appetite, as she wants to nosh on a hammerhead shark, snake, and a bear. Oh, and can we just talk about her Taco Bell dedication? Not only does she want 10 of their tacos, but she also wants to win a contest for eating a ton of their tacos. Same, girl, same.

The 10-year-old also really wants to get a sign printed in a different language, but then she'll have it translated on an oddly specific date. We honestly can't blame her for goal No. 8, staying asleep for 24 hours; that actually sounds pretty pleasant.

The rest of the internet noted how hilarious this girl is, as many Twitter users responded to her bucket list with their candid reactions.

@Asbronaut [3] ur sister is gonna be legendary if she pulls all of that off. I approve.

β€” cilantro (@fakestmulatto) February 6, 2017 [4]

@Asbronaut [5] honestly im just waiting for whatever 10 is

β€” parker (@parker_healy) February 5, 2017 [6]

@roxana_delapaz [7] @Asbronaut [8] dude I'm writing some of these down πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

β€” Karla🌸 (@1016karlapalomo) February 9, 2017 [9]

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