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Little Girl Sends Letter to Elected Officials in California

1 Little Girl Sent a List of Important Issues to Elected Officials, and It's Too Cute For Words

When one young girl decided she wasn't too pleased with the current political climate, she took matters into her own hands. Seven-year-old California resident Evann wrote a letter for elected officials detailing the issues she believes are important for them to focus on. Her mother, Kristin Carter, shared a snapshot of Evann's letter on Facebook to show the world what's on the young girl's mind.

The note listed eight actionable topics she thinks are worthy of consideration, from keeping good healthcare and equal rights to avoiding wars and protecting the environment. Her concluding sentence is what really made us tear up: "In a world full of storm troopers, be Leia." And the fact that she included a photo of her dressed as the fearless Star Wars character just made us want to cry all the happy tears.

Evann's mother said she's planning to send the note to 94 legislators, congress members, and senators in California. If this is the future of America, we can't help but be hopeful.

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