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Little Girls Become Friends With Realtor

These 2 Sassy Sisters Found a Friend to Join Their Posse — a Realtor

When a realtor in London went on a routine visit to value a client's property, he walked away adding an additional position to his résumé: internet sensation. Dan Stevenson was valuing the property of Lorna Hayward when he developed an adorable bond with her two daughters, 3-year-old Elsie and 19-month-old Marnie. The girls quickly took a liking to Dan, who was a complete stranger before walking into their London flat. I mean, can we blame them? Dan's a total babe.

In a now-viral post to the Motherload Facebook page, Lorna explained every hilarious detail of the trio's budding friendship, and it's sure to make you LOL. Despite Lorna's warnings that coming to their home at 5 p.m. was "risky," the 26-year-old estate agent arrived, only to be assaulted with a barrage of questions from the young girls.

Marnie and Elsie asked Dan to cuddle, hold their hands, watch Peppa Pig, and have a sleepover with them. Oh, and they also asked if he likes cheese, apparently. The grand finale to this hysterical assortment of questions? "Elsie walking out of the toilet announcing she had just done 'her biggest poo yet - it was a bit spiky though, so please can you wipe my bum,'" Lorna wrote in her Facebook post.

The mother-of-two snapped a photo of her daughters and Dan to capture the hilariously sweet moment, but she couldn't help but note her embarrassment, as she signed off the post with "Poor Dan. Poor, poor Dan. Gonna just pour myself a pint of wine."

Regardless, Dan seems to have handled the whole situation like a total champ, and it looks like this isn't his first rodeo with kiddos like Marnie and Elsie. The agent told the Daily Mail how he lived with his younger cousins when he first moved to London, so he automatically felt comfortable around Lorna's girls. "I walked in and they were having their dinner, I just started talking to them about what they were having and the next thing they were asking me to pick them up," he said. "They are just hilarious and I just went with it."

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