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Male Nursing Singing to Little Girl With Cancer

Watch this Nurse Sing His Way Into His Patient's — and Your — Heart

Nurse Brandon singing to Sophia. It's beautiful to see this and it shows that he loves his career. Making children smile one at a time. Keep on singing!

Posted by Sophia's Odyssey on Sunday, January 31, 2016

A very special nurse is going outside of the box to make one little girl feel better — and he's warming thousands of hearts along the way.

Sophia Torres is currently fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia and one of her healthcare providers, nurse Brandon Waterhouse, went above and beyond his medical duty just to make the little girl smile.

Even though Sophia's world has been filled with machine beeps, tummy aches, and IV wires during her past 8-month stay at Texas Children's Hospital, the 4-year-old girl has found an incredible support system in the hospital staff.

Recently, when Sophia couldn't fall asleep, Brandon pulled up a chair and began belting out Aladdin's "A whole New World." Although Sophia was wrapped in a blanket with a mask covering her face, you can see the smile through her eyes as Brandon puts on a performance that rivals prince charming himself.

During Sophia's cancer battle, she has endured multiple surgeries as well as a stroke that affected her speech, eyesight, and ability to walk. But while they tiny fighter awaits a bone marrow transplant, she is surrounded by hospital workers who strive to make her smile any way they can — from playing with dolls to painting her nails.

"It's been a difficult journey for Sophia," said Sophia's dad, Jose Torres. "We are shocked, surprised that this video went viral. We felt happy and just amazed!"

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