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If Men Breastfed

This Is What It'd Be Like if Men Breastfed – And It's So Unfair

As much as I love breastfeeding and am excited to begin the journey again soon with my second baby, there are most definitely times I wish I could pass along the task to my husband. Namely, when I'm stuck pumping.

The hilarious geniuses over at Naya Health took that desire one step further and imagined what life would be like if men actually breastfed. And, let me tell you, I'm jealous. Gone are the crowded supply closets working moms are relegated to during business hours, when pumping is seen as an inconvenience by upper management. No, for men, pumping is a national pastime, complete with milk-production leaderboards, bartenders happily sanitizing flanges, and guys sitting around a craps table while showing off their tricked-out pumps – from a Mercedes-made pump guaranteed to get you a full bottle in five minutes or less to a sleekly designed Apple iPump.

"Think our wives have any idea how hard we have it?" the topless guys ask, while clinking beer steins. "There's a reason men do this job!"

But before this parody starts to depress you, there's good news for those of us destined to lactate. Today, Naya launched a

completely reimagined "smart" breast pump

that promises to be faster, quieter, and more comfortable than any other on the market. Plus, early testing already has users generating 25-percent more milk per session. Women, we might not have the fantasy, but there's hope for us yet.

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