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Milkpod Vending Machines For Breastfeeding Moms

This Vending Machine Is a Gift to Moms From the Breastfeeding Gods

How neat! "Move over Chips and M&M's; hello Lactation Cookies and Nursing Bras... This is a Milk Pod vending machine😱😃 Children's Hospital, Boston MA Way to support the cause, Boston!"

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Thursday, March 16, 2017

A photo of a vending machine sent straight from the breastfeeding gods is circulating the internet right now for very good reason. Rather than eating your quarters and spitting out salty chips and sugary candies, this "Milkpod" vending machine, pictured above — which was spotted at Boston Children's Hospital — dispenses key items for breastfeeding moms such as lactation cookies and nursing bras.

"Milkpod is designed to meet the needs of lactating mothers," Pod Vending's site reads. "Our retail kiosk provides convenient access to a full range of equipment needed for breastfeeding babies. Our products are carefully selected by Lactation Specialists and Pediatricians to increase milk supply, alleviate sore and engorged nipples, and provide immediate access to critical accessories such as flanges, nursing bras and pads."

Bless you, Milkpod.

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