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Mom Not Allowed to Pump During Jury Duty

Breastfeeding Mom's Infuriating Experience Trying to Pump at Jury Duty

When Amanda Chandler was summoned for jury duty she knew that she would have to stick to somewhat of a pumping schedule as a breastfeeding mom. But this stay-at-home mom knew that having to take breaks to pump shouldn't have been an issue, because Minnesota has laws in place to protect nursing mothers.

However, after Amanda felt that the clerks and judge completely disregarded her needs, this "pissed" mom is speaking out to share her experience with fellow parents. "As a nursing mother, I was completely disappointed with the lack of regard and dismissal I felt when trying to pump (express breast milk) on a schedule today," Amanda wrote on Facebook. "My determined schedule (which is already less than my normal at-home schedule) was neglected even as I tried advocating for myself over and over to clerk after clerk and to the judge herself."

According to Amanda, she was prevented from pumping all morning and even though she explained that she needs to pump at least four times a day, she was only granted two sessions later in the afternoon. "Minnesota has laws protecting nursing mothers, including providing a private space, specifically not a bathroom, and also allowing breaks to pump whenever requested by [the] mother," Amanda wrote.

After being repeatedly told to wait when she tried to advocate for herself, she was eventually "ushered to this gem of room," that was a bathroom renamed as a "quiet room." She concluded: "This afternoon I was thankful to just finally be able to pump. Tonight I'm pissed. Seems pretty ironic that the very place which is supposed to uphold and enforce the laws would not follow or adhere to them."

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