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Mom Discusses the Hardships of Fatherhood

Stay-at-Home Mom's Post About Husband Seeks to Remind Others How Hard Fathers Work

"Sometimes in struggles of motherhood, we forget the hardships of fatherhood," writes Tiffany Shriver in a post to Facebook reflecting on everything her husband, Bryan, does for her and their two children. Although every family is different, it's not uncommon for a mother to feel like many of the struggles of parenting fall to her, but Shriver wants to remind all moms of the lesser-acknowledged hardships of fatherhood.

"The early morning wake ups to get out the door for work, so he can be the sole provider for his family. The weight of it all on his shoulders. He works hard so I can stay home to raise the family he helped me build. He misses out on first steps, and first words. While through all of it, he gets the worst part of the deal. The kids choose mom over him in almost all aspects.

He does the heavy playtime, he loves them despite everything. He also loves me, despite it all. Bad moods, messy hair, exhaustion. He still tries to make me laugh, he still flirts with me, he supports me always and he helps me. While I'm struggling to keep it all together, he's the glue that fixes us. He never complains, he just does. He survives, and he loves with all of his heart."

The stay-at-home mom ends her post — which features four adorable photos of her husband with their kids — with a reminder to other moms: "Don't forget how hard our husbands, and the fathers of our children, work to make this life what it is."

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