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Mom's Embarrassing Shopping Trip Video

This Video is a Must-See If You’ve Ever Felt Judged For What’s in Your Shopping Cart

Have you ever been shopping at a store and felt that twinge of embarrassment when you grab condoms or light day panty liners from the shelf?

Whether having kids has helped with this or not, many ladies can relate to that feeling of unease when buying personal items. And maybe actually shopping for it isn't so bad, but you have you ever thrown something on top of the KY jelly or hemorrhoid cream in your cart just to try avoiding any awkwardness when you go to check out?

Real Mommy Confessions understands the judgmental cashier phobia that can hit you right in the gut and with their hysterical new video, they encourage moms to take pride in that Monistat shopping trip! "I'm a grown woman and I'm not afraid to speak my mind. If anyone has a problem with what I do or what I'm buying, I'll tell them where to go with their opinions," says the fierce mama.

So whether you're filling your cart with children's cough medicine and pregnancy tests or baby food and Rogaine, remember that you are raising a small human being — you can definitely survive the checkout aisle!

"If I'm buying beer and condoms together, it just means that I know what happens after a few beers and I am in no way interested in having another child," the confident mom adds.

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