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Mom's Empowering Napkin Art For Daughter After Election

Mom Inspired Her Daughter Every Day With Empowering Lunchtime Napkin Art

Rhode Island mom Meaghan Elderkin has been drawing fun photos on her daughter Holden's lunch napkins since she started preschool, but following the election, she's been sending her daughter a different message during lunch. Meaghan is using her drawing skills to send her 9-year-old daughter uplifting quotes, all from female heroes.

"I felt really small and powerless after the results of the election," she told The Huffington Post. "I wanted to remind my daughter (and myself, I guess) that we're still strong and powerful even when we're afraid. A lot of strong women have come before us, and they've had to fight even scarier obstacles."

Although many parents have struggled with talking to their children about the results of the election, Meaghan is finding peace in empowering her daughter through the napkin drawings. She's included quotes from Susan B. Anthony, Malala Yousafzai, and many more heroes that will definitely have you beaming with female pride (and of course, her latest Hillary Clinton quote is one of the best). It's an incredible way to tell her young daughter about how much women have achieved, and Holden "absolutely loves each one."

Scroll through to see some of Meaghan's empowering napkin designs.

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