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Mom Gives Birth to a 14-Pound Baby Naturally

The Look of a Mom Who Gave Birth to a 13-Pound Baby — Without an Epidural

When Natashia Corrigan gave birth to her third child, it's fair to say that things were a little different this time around. Instead of welcoming "average-size" baby girls as she did with her first two pregnancies, this mom delivered a 13-pound, 4-ounce baby — without an epidural.

Brian Junior was born at Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne, Australia, and according to News 7, he is possibly the largest newborn in Victoria. "I dreamed of a little fat baby," Natashia told the network. "I've always wanted a little fat baby and I've got a big one!"

Natasha said that doctors warned her during her pregnancy that that baby Brian would be a larger baby. However, she was still surprised by just how big he was, especially as she only had laughing gas during his delivery. "I think I was in a bit of shock because the birth was natural and I only had gas so I was still in a bit of shock just from that," Natashia said. "The power of positive thinking during birth, be positive, breathe deep."

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