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Mom Leaves Bag of Diaper Essentials in Target Bathroom

1 Thoughtful Woman Left a Bag of Diaper Essentials in a Target Bathroom For Fellow Moms

You know the scenario we're talking about: you're out and about, getting your errands done or going for a mindless walk down the magical aisles of Target (or any other store), when an explosion goes off in your precious baby's onesie — and you're not prepared. A seriously thoughtful mom had this exact situation in mind when she decided to leave a plastic bag full of diaper changing essentials in a bathroom at her local Target.

"We have all been there: forgot diapers, wipes, and your little one just exploded their pants!" the bag reads. "Hopefully this helps! Take what you need or leave any extra! Remember, it takes an army to raise children, so let's all help each other! Love, a mom who has needed help. Many times."

Joy Clyde — who posted a photo of the bag to her Facebook page after seeing it sitting in the restroom at her local Target — wrote that though she wasn't in need of anything in the bag, she thought it was awesome. Hopefully others will see this and be inspired to do something similar in their own local store, because as the mystery mom noted, we all need to be in this together.

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