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Mom's Message About Court For Foster Kids

The Common Practice 1 Foster Mom Witnessed in Court That Left Her Shaking

Court today. I had to keep my hand on something because it was shaking. They all spoke like it was a legal procedure and...

Posted by Foster Your Heart Out on Monday, April 3, 2017

When Sarah was in court, the foster mom had to keep her hand on something because it was shaking so hard. Although she didn't speak up in the court room over what she witnessed, Sarah didn't remain silent. Instead, she took to Facebook to raise awareness of the heartbreaking way these children who need the most love are treated every day.

They all spoke like it was a legal procedure and nothing more. No compassion. "Does anyone want the child? Are you sure? Nobody? OK, we will be back in a few weeks and finish paperwork."

Meanwhile said "child" is a boy I care very much about. A boy sitting next to me hearing every word. A boy who is trying to wipe away the hot tear rolling down his cheek.

For this parent who has two biological children under 4 and is a foster mom to a 13-year-old boy, the hypocrisy within the foster care system is painfully clear. "We ask them to act like respectful members of society. But we drop them off at strangers homes with everything they own in trash bags and then have them sit through court hearing that would shake any adult," she wrote. "They have to hear nobody wants them or the few people that might are not fit."

As if that isn't enough, Sarah noted how the adults around these children don't seem to realize how traumatic these court hearings can be and that even though these events are a part of the process, that doesn't mean they aren't devastating to each individual child. "Then we drop them off at school to handle these emotions. And shake our heads when they are expelled again," she wrote. "We tell them to stay out of trouble and label them as bad kids for outbursts of anger and frustration."

Sarah not only understands the need for foster parents, but she also knows the answer to a question about these kids that so many adults can't seem to figure out: "Why are our juvenile jails full? Because our custody court rooms are empty."

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