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Mom's Message to Her Breast Pump

Why 1 Mom Appreciated Her "Dinosaur" Breast Pump So Much

Had to ship out this dinosaur of a breast pump today (insurance only covers this one for 4 months), and I was so...

Posted by Two Moms Make a Right on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Since giving birth to a baby girl, Aela Mass hasn't been only bonding with her newborn. The new mom and writer has also been spending some serious quality time with her breast pump.

Despite it being a massive and heavy chunk of plastic, this mom has grown fond of the device and appreciates all that it has done for her family since she had her baby. In a refreshingly different post on Facebook that was actually thanking — and not bemoaning — her breast pump, Aela gave her new friend a proper send off when their time together was done.

"Had to ship out this dinosaur of a breast pump today (insurance only covers this one for four months)," she wrote. "I was so emotional about saying goodbye to it that I had to take a family selfie!"

As many breastfeeding moms know, your pump can quickly become a valuable asset and Aela didn't take it for granted. "Oh, Dino Medela, how you've become part of this crew. I'll miss our middle-of-the-night sessions, our pumping-at-work-sessions, our are-you-kidding-me-I-have-to-pump-again sessions," she wrote. "People tease you about your size, but you'll always be my first love, you brawny pump, you. Thanks for helping to keep our sweet daughter fed. You really have been the best."

Aela was able to get a pump for the first few months of her baby's life from her insurance company thanks to the Affordable Care Act and explained her close bond with it. "It was such a big part of my day, and such a big part of being able to feed our daughter — especially after I returned to work; and it was such a big part of allowing my wife to also feed our daughter," she told Babble. "And even in the middle of the night, tired and half asleep with a machine pulling milk from me, I just felt so grateful to be able to be pumping, to be providing my daughter with food — my DAUGHTER! Alive and well. And how amazing it was for me to be able to provide for her."

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