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Mom's Message to Strangers Laughing at Her Son's Birthmarks

Mom's Surprising Message to the Strangers Who Made Fun of Her Son's "Dots"

Ruthi Goan thought she was finally immune to strangers' stares and mean remarks. As the mom of a boy who has congenital melanocytic nevi — brown birthmarks spotting his skin — this unwanted attention has become a common occurrence.

However, when Ruthi overheard a child making insulting remarks about her son, Erezi, and saw the child's mom laughing at her little girl instead of correcting her, this mom from Israel had enough. Alongside photos of herself rocking spots to match her son's, Ruthi shared a powerful message on Facebook that has been translated from Hebrew.

The sad fact is that no matter how much we talk of inclusion and acceptance, the different remains excluded and will always draw attention. Sometimes it is even amusing. But it is hard for me when people are just mean. How can someone laugh about you, my beloved son?

Erezi, the easiest thing was to burst on that mother, laughing at her young daughter's insulting remarks about your unique look (things I can't even put in writing). I swear that at that moment I felt as if I would squash her face (and much more). But you just smiled, took my hand, and just kept on walking.

A magical touch you have my child, it's a fact that instead of me wanting to strangle her I have decided to show everyone that I am so proud of you and your many dots. Especially that dot which is really close to your beautiful eye that manages to see all the goodness in this world and disregard all other.

To sum up . . . it is important to me that people all over the world know that there is a name to it. It is called congenital nevus and satellites. Sometimes it comes with CMN, it is not contagious and it is rare. There are brave children and adults who are challenged by it all over the world.

And to you dear mother, if this post reaches you just know that I choose to forgive you, because of my treasure that teaches me everyday how to be a better person.

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