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Mom's Post About Cherishing the Little Moments With Her Baby

Mom Shared When She Realized the Importance of Cherishing Fleeting Moments With Her Baby

It's something parents hear often, in some variation: "Cherish every moment with your child, because they grow up so quickly." Although that task could feel daunting, or even impossible, one sleep-deprived mom is sharing when she realized the validity of that sentiment and why she plans on sticking to it as best as possible.

"Today I laid down to breastfeed my beautiful son, he fell asleep," one mom shared on Instagram under a photo of her and her baby asleep in bed. "As I went to get up he grabbed my finger and pulled it close to his body. To be this little person's comfort, this little human's warmth and love is challenging, to say the least."

The mom's post continues as she explains that though she's exhausted, she's realized how fleeting these snuggly, cuddly moments with her baby are, and that one day, he won't need her in the same way — something we can all relate to.

"In nearly four months of lost sleep I gained an entirely new perspective on what is most important in this world, on what is most important to me. So I'll stay, I'll stay the extra hour laying next to my son while he naps. I'll stay by his side when he needs my comfort and love, then stay nearby when he's old enough to explore this big, beautiful world on his own.

The dishes in the sink and the pile of laundry will stay a lot longer than these moments will last. Soon there will be less cuddles and much more independence; one day you will hardly need me at all and I'll watch with teary eyes as you drive away and leave home. One day. But not now. For now I will lay here and hold you, my whole world, for just a little while longer."

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