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Mom's Post About Chopped Celery and Trying Hard as a Parent

Mom's Post About Chopped Celery Is Relatable to All Parents Who Aren't Perfect

Chopped celery. That's what I'm driving to my son's school today. Why? Because I don't look in his folder. I missed that...

Posted by Kara Lewis Newton on Monday, November 21, 2016

A container of chopped celery may not be so obviously high on the list of things that make parents feel like they can relate to each other, but that's exactly what Kara Lewis Newton is pictured with in a post to Facebook that is actually extremely relatable. Her post, which explains that she had to bring chopped celery into her son's school last-minute because she forgot to read his folder the night before, seeks to explain that though she hasn't achieved perfect parent status, she tries hard, and that's what counts.

I miss things.
My kids don't always have clean socks.
We ate at Wendy's last night.
I forget to RSVP to parties.
We never have cash when we need it.
My kid doesn't always have his coat.
There might be Halloween candy in their lunches.
I sign without reading sometimes.
And I don't always check my kids folders.

But I love them. And I work dang hard for them.

Let's be honest, we've all had our own version of the chopped celery incident at least once, which is why Newton's ending remarks are so universal: "I'm banking on the fact that 20 years from now, they won't remember that their mom forgot the chopped celery. I am praying they remember how hard I fought for them everyday to have a good life . . . one where they know they are fiercely loved no matter what."

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