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Mom of Preemie Triplets Instagram

After Giving Birth to Preemie Triplets, This Mom Is Opening Up About the Emotional NICU Experience

Kayla Richardson gave birth to beautiful triplet baby girls at just 24 weeks and six days, and her emotional Instagram feed is reminding all of us to cherish even the tiniest milestones. Since being born on Sept. 10, Kayla's three girls have spent the last few months in the NICU, and on Nov. 5, she was finally able to hold Olivia, Shiloh, and Sanaa at the same time.

"I'm so thankful their nurse Holly offered to let me hold all of them tonight, it was such an amazing feeling," she wrote alongside the adorable photo. "Holding all of them at the same time made the reality of me now having three babies sink in even further 😂 I know it's going to be stressful at times but I've grown to see these girls as the blessing that they are & I know I'll be thanking God countless times throughout my life for blessing me with these three beautiful, healthy, & outstanding girls."

According to The Huffington Post, Kayla spent two weeks in the hospital after her water broke at just 22 weeks, and then had a C-section because of her high risk pregnancy. She said that when she was in the hospital she turned to Instagram to read stories from preemie parents and get through her darkest days.

"Being in the hospital, I was very bored, lonely, and afraid," Kayla said about why she turned to social media. "Some of it was scary and hard to look at, but it showed the reality of what my daughters and I could be faced with."

After her triplets were born, she decided to create the Instagram account to document her emotional journey in the NICU and post about important milestones in her babies' lives. Kayla's powerful captions are so honest that we can't stop refreshing her page to see Olivia, Shiloh, and Sanaa get stronger every single day.

Keep reading to see photos of the girls and learn more about Kayla's story.

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