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Mom Rants About When Husbands Grocery Shop

Why Do Dads Suck at Grocery Shopping? This Mom Has a Conspiracy Theory

When Husbands Go Grocery Shopping

When Husbands Go Grocery Shopping - The struggle is real.

Posted by MyLifeSuckers by Deva Dalporto on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Let's talk about husbands and grocery shopping," said blogger Deva Dalporto at the start of her latest candid rant. In the video shown above for My Life Suckers, an exacerbated Deva attempted to figure out why her husband — a man with a degree in nuclear engineering — is so damn bad at picking up a few groceries.

For starters, Deva lamented the amount of phone calls she receives from her husband, adding, "You have to guide them step-by-step." Then, there's the food they end up bringing back with them. Deva explained, "Three hours later, he shows up at home without anything that you asked for. Instead of any staples, he's got bags and bags of snacks — and beer."

That's when Deva introduced a "massive conspiracy" theory of hers. Explaining that she doesn't think it's possible that her husband is that "incompetent" at grocery shopping, she said, "I think it's a massive conspiracy that the men of the world are playing on us women — and it's working! Because if they act incompetent, we won't make them go." Listen to her incensed rant in its entirety, above.

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