Mom's Reaction to Her Girl's "Bad" Grade Is What Every Kid Needs

24/05/2018 - 10:51 AM

For Hannah Cho, the grade she got [3] on her math test mattered. If she got an A on it, the teen would have a perfect 4.0 GPA, a goal she was working extremely hard [4] to achieve.

Hannah put in the time and studied all day and night for this exam, so when she found out that she got a B, it felt the same as a failing grade would to most students. Instead of celebrating her hard-earned score, the teen sent a photo of the test to her mom via Snapchat and made her disappointment clear.

Hannah's mom agreed that her daughter had a lot to learn, but not when it comes to math. Hannah shared the response she received from her mom on Twitter [5] in March and the unexpected message is still going viral.

"I don't care if you fail your math test, I don't care if you get below 1,000 on your SAT, I don't care if your GPA is under 2.00, I don't care if you get accepted to Sanford," her mom wrote. "I care if you cry, I care if you are stressed, I care if you are unhappy."

Instead of adding even more pressure to her already stressed-out daughter, this mom is showing Hannah that numbers and grades don't define her. Plus, her mom has a pretty great sense of humor and made sure to add a joke at her daughter's expense: she also cares when Hannah gets hungry — even if she gets hungry every two hours. "I admit it can get tiring feeding you constantly, but I love you."

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