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Mom Recreates Rocky With Baby

Mom Recreated Rocky With Her Baby to Prep For a Battle With Her Sister

Moms learn very quickly that once they have more than one kid, their title goes from "parent" to "referee." Bret Dale first learned this when her older daughter Izzy stole a teddy bear from her younger sister, Quinn. Quinn may be just a baby, but thanks to the Rocky training regime her mom put her on, she became "The Mighty Quinn."

In an old video from five years ago, Quinn can be seen experiencing heartbreak when her sister takes her fuzzy bear, which is followed by a montage of clips of her prepping for final battle juxtaposed with scenes from the famous Sylvester Stallone film. As Quinn slowly turns into a bonafide Rocky Balboa — through running, drinking raw eggs, and lifting, obviously — she gains confidence until she's finally ready to take back what's hers. See if she's victorious in this hysterical video.

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