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Mom Shares Smiling Post C-Section Selfie

Mom Posts Smiling C-Section Selfie Because Every Birth Is Worth Celebrating

After a recent spark in the ongoing and ridiculous debate as to whether or not a C-section birth is a real birth (spoiler alert: it is), one adorable photo of a new mom, her partner, and her baby is going viral for the best reason. Back in December when her daughter, Carmel, was born, Thaise De Mari took to Instagram to share a selfie taken right after her C-section in which everyone is beaming — even her baby.

Although the full caption is in Portuguese, the mom's postbirth sentiments are universal. "And suddenly the picture of my life is without production, without resolution, without worries about hair, makeup, or angle!" the happy mama wrote. "It is already a month since the craziest day of my life!!! It was surreal! And how I miss this moment! Want to go back in time for a few minutes! [There's no way to explain being able] to hear your cry and see your little face for the first time."

This first family photo holds so many beautiful and emotional memories for Thaise, but more importantly, it should serve as a reminder to everyone else that every single birth is beautiful and is worthy of documentation.

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