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Mom Struggling to Get a Toy Out of the Box

Mom Struggling to Open a Boxed Toy Is Every Parent on Holidays and Birthdays

*NEW VIDEO* - When You Try To Take A Toy Out Of The Box - it's the holiday and you know you'll be doing a lot of this! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL...... ha! (For any licensing requests please contact

Posted by Tova Leigh - My Thoughts about stuff on Thursday, November 17, 2016

A child's smile when they unwrap a brand new toy is priceless, isn't it? Sure, until they hand you that boxed toy sealed in what seems like government-issued tape and you can no longer find a way to justify the reason you bought it in the first place. You find yourself sweating by the time the box is actually open, then you slide the inner cardboard box out only to find 400 twist-ties taped down, and if you're lucky, a few screws.

Tova Leigh is a mom who knows this ridiculous struggle all too well, so she created a hilarious video of herself opening a boxed Disney princess that was packaged in a way to suggest that maybe it was meant to be kept in the box for the rest of eternity. It's so relatable, you'll laugh so you don't cry — the holidays are coming, after all.

Get ready.

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