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Mom Talks About Snow Days While Daughter Sings Let It Go

Hilarious Mom Captured the Universal Dread Parents Feel Over Snow Days

We are all this mom.

Posted by What The Flicka? on Saturday, February 21, 2015

As a child, a snow day is a magical 24 hours full of hot chocolate, snow angels, indoor play, and movies. For a parent, a snow day is 24 hours of hell making your child cup after cup of hot chocolate (and snacks), spending 40 frustrating minutes dressing your kids for two minutes of snow angel-making, and hours of watching indoor play and movies on repeat in what feels like slow-motion. If you've ever dreaded a snow day since having kids, you are most definitely not alone, and this funny mom feels your pain in the realest way.

Backed by her daughter singing "Let It Go" off screen, this mom looks into the camera and explains that it's not only a snow day, but it's the third snow day in a row. Based off the universal dread all parents feel over snow days and her facial expressions, it's safe to say she's at the end of her sanity rope, but she's too hilarious not to laugh at.

"Let it go. No school," the mom says in the video, which is originally from Feb. 2015. "Let it go. This'll be day three. School's still out. All day. Frozen. Elsa. . . . Olaf. . . . Anna." The mom continues the roll call of characters with the help of her little one in the background and expresses a few ill feelings toward the cartoon people, which her daughter overhears and responds to for an absolutely hysterical ending to this gem of a clip.

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