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Mom Temper Tantrums

Mom and Dads Have Tantrums Too Because All Parents Eventually Have To

By January Harshe. "There are times in parenthood when you will simply lose fall apart. I'm completely serious. If you...

Posted by Birth Without Fear on Friday, March 31, 2017

According to January Harshe, there comes a time in parenting that every mom and dad relate to: when you simply lose it and fall apart. If you haven't experienced this yet, January assures you to just wait, because it's coming.

"You're exhausted, pulled in too many directions, and pushed too far," January shared on Facebook. "It usually builds up with lack of sleep, always being needed, life stressors, and trying to force things." However, the downside to losing your sh*t as a parent is that it makes everyone else around you sad.

Like mom and dad guilt isn't bad enough though, a daddy or mommy temper tantrum is great at adding extra. But once the dust settles, you have a good yell, or cry, or both, and good things can actually come from it. Shedding all that frustration, hurt, anger, etc. can help you get to the core of the issue. It gives you clarity to see things from a different perspective and to build the pieces back up to be better than before.

When this happens, January wants parents to know that it's okay to apologize, be forgiven, and most importantly, forgive themselves because they need that time to freak out, too. "I'm not telling you to melt down for the sake of melting down, I'm just saying that it happens and it's not the end of the world, you're still a good parent and human, and there's always a silver lining," she wrote. "Take a deep breath, try to take some time to yourself to quietly process (when you can), learn from it, and try something different!"

January understands that parenthood is the ultimate survival mode filled with days of never-ending problem solving and multitasking. But learning to let go, leaving some wiggle room for change, and being willing to say yes more often can help ease the struggle. "Dads and moms, you are allowed temper tantrums, too, and your family will love you unconditionally through them just like you love and support them unconditionally through theirs," she wrote. "That's what family does."

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