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Mom Wants Her Adopted Son to Know His Birth Parents Love Him

This Adoptive Mom Won't Hide From Her Son the Fact That His Birth Parents Love Him Still

On his official adoption day, Jessica Cunha wants her son Benjamin to know not only how much he is loved by her and the rest of his forever family, but how much his birth parents love him — present tense. In a post shared on Frank Somerville's Facebook page, Jessica explains that she wants Benjamin to know that he "wasn't a mistake or unwanted," but that he was "handpicked" just for them.

Jessica, who says she "yearned for the sleepless nights, 3 a.m. feedings, and constant diaper changes," finally got the phone call about taking Benjamin home eight months ago.

Parenthood is everything we expected, and most importantly, wanted. . . . Seeing all his firsts have been nothing but a dream come true. Everyday he is reminded how loved he is. By us. By his family. Our friends. And he will know how much his birth parents love him.

Although the subject of birth parents around adopted children varies from family to family, Jessica wants her son to know that he has birth parents, and more importantly, that their love for him isn't past tense. "They love him so much that they made the most selfless decision of their lives and placed him in our arms and made us the happiest people in the world."

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