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Moms Positive Thoughts About Potty Training

Mom on Struggling With Potty Training: "These Are the Good Ol' Days!"

Nancy Ray is just now beginning to learn how to navigate the hell that is potty training, but her takeaways are surprisingly uplifting. Although she admitted to being peed on three times in one day and that her daughter is still afraid of the potty, she says this challenging period of time is reminding her that "THESE are the good ol' days!"

In a sweet post to Instagram featuring a photo of Milly on the couch with an iPad, Nancy delves into the emotions the struggles of potty training have unearthed and explains why she's "relishing" in these days. "I count these days of potty training as my first opportunity to really speak life over my girl as she struggles (and myself — let's be honest), to show her that she is capable of more than she thinks, and that she CAN do hard things. I want to be THAT mama," she wrote.

Rather than get frustrated when her daughter pees anywhere but the toilet, Nancy is using this valuable opportunity to think about how a challenge like this can teach and empower both her and Milly.

Even though she's little and this whole thing might take longer than I think, I can simultaneously love her unconditionally and not rush her growing up WHILE calling her up to new heights. I will continue teaching her when she doesn't want to change and is comfortable where she is. I'm catching just a glimpse of the years ahead and the new phase of parenting I'm about to enter, and man does it make me so excited and thankful. For a few years, I get to instruct this little lady during the most formidable years of her life. Goodness, I adore this little chicken.

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