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Olivia Wilde Pumping Breast Milk Into Mason Jars

Olivia Wilde Got Seriously Creative When She Ran Out of Bags to Pump Milk Into

After welcoming her second child with Jason Sudeikis in October, Olivia Wilde has kept her high ranking as one of our favorite celebrity moms. From her breastfeeding selfies with her "drinking buddy" to her hilariously realistic diaper bag, Olivia gets it, and her latest real-mom dilemma is something we can all relate to. The 32-year-old mama recently took to Instagram to share with her fans what happened when she ran out of bags to pump milk into . . . the struggle is too real!

"Ultimate cliché status reached. Pumping milk into mason jars. Ran out of storage bags. Rookie move. Big thanks to the plant for really perking up for this photo. Also thanks to the Airbnb owner for the use of said mason jars. #pumped," she captioned the photo.

Thanks to the plentiful cabinets in the Airbnb and her resourcefulness, Olivia had enough jars to pump her liquid gold into to make sure her adorable daughter Daisy gets her milk. The real question is, will they be asking for those mason jars back? The smile on her face says it all!

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