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Parenting Moments That Are Funny in Hindsight

23 Parenting Moments That You'll Look Back On and Laugh

Parenting Moments That Are Funny in Hindsight

New parents are hilarious. I can say that because I was a new parent once — and I'm guessing that if you are reading this site, that means you have been as well (or will be at some point soon). One of the best things about our new parent selves is just how clueless we were when it came to the whole baby-raising thing. Technically speaking, we all read the books, but there is a certain bit of know-how that you can't get until after actually being in the game for some time. My husband and I have spent many a moment saying, "Wow, do you remember when we did XYZ when so-and-so was a baby?" And like everyone, we were just trying our best, but how many of these moments (which come from my very own new parenting playbook, by the way) do you look back on now and have a chuckle?

Source: Flickr user Travis Swan

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