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Patton Oswalt's Daughter's Message For Donald Trump

Patton Oswalt's 7-Year-Old Daughter Wanted Donald Trump to "Calm Down"

Patton Oswalt has been openly vocal about his disapproval of Donald Trump, but his 7-year-old daughter, Alice, took own opinions public. With the help of her dad, she sent the president a simple message: "Calm down."

Oswalt, who has been a single father since his wife tragically and unexpectedly passed away in April of 2016, posted a photo to Twitter of Alice holding up her note, which is addressed to the White House. "Alice just made this postcard for President Trump," Oswalt wrote in his tweet. "I just mailed it."

Along with her message for Trump to calm down, Alice included an emoji comparison between herself and the president. On the left side, the chill sunglasses emoji is pictured below the word, "Me," while a shocked, red-faced emoji sits on the right under the word, "You."

An emoji is worth a thousand words.

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