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Photos of DJ Khaled and His Son

All The Times DJ Khaled and His Son Were Social Media's Cutest Father-Son Duo

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If there's anything DJ Khaled loves more than making hits, and dropping "keys" on Snapchat, it's definitely being a dad. The music mogul and Snapchat extraordinaire added first-time father to his resume with the birth of his son Ashad Khaled a few short months ago.

Khaled didn't hold back on sharing his excitement for the arrival of his first child. He even snapped every moment leading up to his fiancée giving birth (he wouldn't be the King of Snapchat if he didn't, now, would he?).

Since Ashad's arrival, Khaled has shared countless snaps of his insanely adorable baby along with some of his most intimate fatherhood moments. Not a day goes by without him ogling over his young "icon"and showering him with affection — and we're not at all ashamed to admit that we're freakin' obsessed.

Ahead we've rounded up all the times Khaled and his baby were the cutest father-son duo on social media. Warning: extreme heart melting may ensue.

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