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Pit Bull and Baby Safety

Is This Video of A Baby Napping With a Pit Bull Adorable Or Dangerous?

Some babies and pups form an instant connection as soon as they meet. But when that relationship is between an infant and a pit bull, it can be a little too close for comfort for many concerned individuals.

The debate over how safe this breed of dog is around children is nothing new but has recently been reenergized after seemingly innocent videos of an adorable little one loving on his pit bull best friend were posted on Instagram. In one of the clips, a kennel in Georgia called MVP Bullies shared a sweet moment of a baby sleeping with the pit bull snuggled on his chest. While many comments praise how adorable this moment was, others warn of its danger.

Clare Byam-Cook, an author, former nurse, and midwife, was alarmed by the video and spoke about her concerns of the dog being able to snap and seriously hurt the child at any time:

"Whenever you hear in the paper of these things happening, the owner will often say that their pet has always been gentle and placid but you never can predict how a dog will react," Clare told the DailyMail. "In this video, the puppy's jaw is incredibly close to the child's face. If the puppy is startled, it might turn around and snap and the child's delicate face might be scarred for life."

This isn't the only pit bull and baby-bonding video getting attention as MVP Bullies also posted the little one and dog lovingly rubbing noses. The video's popularity is another concern for Clare, who is afraid that others will imitate the clips with their own babies and pit bulls.

"I think it is a cute video and possibly if the mother or parent is in full attendance and it is a one-off moment it might be safe but the trouble is that everybody likes to imitate," Clare said. "The risk is that you might get lots of other parents copying saying that they must take a cute video of their baby and that's when accidents happen. Clearly the parent is in attendance during this video but we should still be saying that this isn't terribly safe. We all know that dogs can suddenly bite."

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